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“A beautiful new smile has helped many of our patients progress in their career, improved their self esteem and even find a new partner.  The value of this is priceless…”
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Why Choose Citylife Dental?

Choosing a dentist in India these days can be quite a challenge – with so many names, credentials, and services out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. Well, we here at Citylife Dental are trying our best to make this decision as easy and rewarding for you as possible.

Our dedicated team of dental professionals provides you with the highest level of quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our specialists combine their years of experience to offer you a full range of general, cosmetic, implant and orthodontic dental care. They will also make sure that you receive the utmost respect, and individual attention that you deserve. If you’d like to read what our patients have to say about us, please visit the Testimonials section of our site.

A Personal Touch….

At Citylife Dental, our focus is on retaining your natural teeth as long as possible and Dr Sajili Mittal takes the extra pain required to ensure that the patient takes care of his teeth on his own. With proper care, your teeth can last a lifetime. Healthy mouths start with regular oral exams and cleanings. We also look at the patient as a whole as no part of your body functions independently.

Relaxing and Contemporary Environment

From the reception area to individual surgery rooms, our clinics have been designed to create a relaxed and reassuring environment that looks fresh and contemporary.

We never stop learning

The team at Citylife Dental is highly qualified and we ensure that doctors here are constantly upgrading their knowledge.


We are also located on primary roads with ground floor access and ample parking. Apart from the clinic timings of 10 to 1 and 5pm to 7pm (Monday to Saturday), we do try and accommodate patients with prior appointments on afternoons and Sundays as well.

Making Fabulous Dental care available

We accept most insurance plans as well as cash, cheque & credit card facility through Visa, MasterCard, American Express & various Debit Cards. Wherever possible, we’ll even set up an easy-pay plan for all the services we offer – including cosmetic!

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Citylife Dental's Patient Relations Philosophy

At Citylife Dental, we aim to provide quality dental care in a professional, caring, and safe environment.  What does this really mean?  It means striving for excellence in the quality of our dental services, as well as excellence in the process of delivering those services.  We strive for a long term relationship with each of our patients, and to maximize their likelihood of achieving a lifetime of good dental health.

The following areas describe our patient service philosophy:

PROFESSIONALISM – Professionalism means interacting with every individual, patient, and co-worker, with complete respect at all times.  It means being prepared, knowledgeable, and friendly under every circumstance, and displaying compassion and patience even in the most difficult of situations. It means dressing and acting in a manner that conveys knowledge, caring, and competence. It means going out of our way to make every individual feel welcome to our clinic

COMMUNICATION – We continually strive to improve our communication.We listen to our patients and inform them about the benefit to them of all procedures we follow.  We strive to develop rapport and trust with our patients, and inform them about every aspect of their care. 

This includes the procedures we follow as well as information about their dental problems, alternatives for treatment, possibilities of phased care, the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, and their financial obligations.

PREPARATION, TIMELY CARE, AND FOLLOW UP – We strive to be “on time” for all patient appointments and sessions.  We do not change appointments for our patients except in extreme emergencies.  We are prepared for treatment sessions with complete treatment plans, materials and laboratory products.  We strive to complete treatment for every patient in a timely manner.  We complete all forms and other documentation thoroughly and punctually.  We call our patients after appointments to be sure they are well, and to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

ENVIRONMENT – We maintain an environment that is friendly, efficient, and safe.  We constantly pay attention to how our work areas look, the level of sound and conversation, and the impression we provide by our actions and demeanor.  We follow strict infection control procedures in order to ensure a safe environment for our patients and our co-workers.

TEAMWORK – Our team consists of Specialist Dentists, Hygienists, Attendants and other support staff such as Clinic Managers & Receptionists.  We respect each other, and are constantly looking for ways to improve the services we provide, the efficiency of our work, and the image of our clinic.  We express our concerns in a constructive manner, and strive to keep the atmosphere in our clinic upbeat and harmonious.  We arrive at work each day with a positive mental attitude.  We go out of our way to help each other complete our individual work, and accomplish our mutual goals.

BUSINESS – At Citylife Dental, we strive to be “easy to do business with”.  This means looking at every point of patient interaction and ensuring that the process is as hassle free as possible from the patient’s perspective. This includes proper patient identification, appointments, review of diagnostic results, patient education, proper follow up, waiting areas, clinic location, easy parking, and payment methods.

PATIENTS – Our patients are those members of the community who have entrusted us to provide their dental care.  We seek to serve patients who appreciate the quality care that we provide, are willing and able to keep their appointments and financial obligations, can respect the needs of others, and can constructively express their concerns.  We strive to provide the same high level of care to all our patients in a manner that meets their individual personalized needs.

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We provide wide range of dental treatments and services

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Our Dentist

Dr Sajili Mittal, MDS, is a fully qualified dentist.

She has been in dental practice for over 22 years.

She is the leading dentist and Chairperson at the Citylife Dental. She is a Periodontal Treatment Specialist. She has good networking with other dental specialists should a need arises as per client needs.

Dr Sajili Mittal - MDS, BDS

Corona Warrior

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We provide wide range of dental treatments and services

What our patients have said....

Mrs Mittal – a good doctor and a good human being.

Mrs Sajili Mittal is good doctor and a good human being. Her treatment is not only good pocket friendly but also she never suggested any wrong or extra advice. She attended patient not only as doctor but as person to person (I know her for 25 years now as a pateint) jo bhi ho mey unko 25 salo sey janta Hun. My whole family only go to her for treatment. If any other problem she have allways give good advice. Hats off to mrs Dr Sajili Mittal. Regards Yogesh Sadh

Yogesh sadh

Best dentist in my opinion.

Really great. I had a WONDERFUL experience. Good tips to keep the teeth’s shining and cavity free.

Atika Surana
Yojana Vihar,Delhi

Great experience

I got the periodontal surgery done by Dr Sajili. Initially I was a bit apprehensive about the procedure, but the Dr made the entire process very easy and smooth. She was very patient in explaining everything and very supportive in the post surgery follow-ups.

Alok Jain
I.P Extension, New Delhi

Most Ethical Dental Surgeon

“Visited Dr. Sajili Mittal’s clinic a few years ago after having a number of “not good” experiences. Was a bit scared too initilally. But the way my problem was handled at her clinic made me so at ease, comfortable and relaxed.

At Dr. Sajili Mittal’s clinic, everything is explained in detail & giving all the possible options to be decided by the patient himself. Since my first visit, I never felt uncomfortable and always feel free to discuss even the smallest possible issues. Besides being a good dentist, Dr. Sajili Mittal, is a very good human being too. She makes her patients comfortable, understands their issues and accordingly suggests possible and affordable options ( NOT creating fear factor).

Besides, being highly experienced and knowledgeable, Dr. Sajili Mittal is a person of ETHICS and MORALITY which is rare to find these days in our society. My Best Wishes to Dr. Sajili Mittal.”

Mr Vijaya Shankar
New Delhi, India

Professional dentist


My experience with Dr. Sajili has been amazing. She has genuine care for her patients and never fails to engage and explain everything in detail. She is professionally approachable and friendly.

I highly recommend Dr Sajili.

Anand Vihar, New Delhi

Very affordable dental treatment

I have known Dr Mittal for almost 20 years now. She is a gem of a person and an extremely knowledgeable, educated and humble soul. She has been treating me and my entire family for over a year now. She is pocket friendly and an affordable dentist, never advises anything wrong for either me or my family. I am very happy with her treatment and the way she deals with me and my family in a very caring way.
Thank you!
God bless!

Yogesh Sadh
New Delhi, India

Greetings from Germany

Thank you for the friendly treatment and the good interaction. The method of working of the team of doctors and assistants was s comforting experience. The clinic was aesthetic and pleasant. Hearty Greetings from Germany!

Manfred Lungershausen

Best Root Canal Treatment by Dr. Sajili


“Every experience I’ve had in the dentist’s chair has been miserable, until now. Citylife Dental has the most compassionate team of dentists I’ve ever seen. They understand (and therefore can eliminate) fear and pain. The work they’ve done on my teeth which includes root canal, scaling and whitening has been top quality. Add to that their ability to calm the nervous wreck in the chair and you have a combination of skills that can’t be beat. I’m no longer afraid, and that’s pretty much a miracle. I can’t recommend these guys enough.”

Hemant Dua
Beijing, China

Brilliant Citylife Dental


My experience at Citylife Dental was very good.
Dr. Sajili is a very professional dentist and made sure I understood everything. Her patient handling and education skills are excellent. She is a confident doctor and knows the art of dentistry well. The staff at Citylife Dental was humble and courteous.
After I was done I expected a very large bill but the prices were nominal.
Even though I don’t like going to a dentist , but Citylife Dental made it a good experience.
Next visit due after 6 months!

Saraansh Bansal
New Delhi, India

Amazing Dentist in Yojana Vihar

Sajili is a wonderful Dr. with amazing skills.

Ms Tanvi Sadh
New Delhi, India

Great dentist Dr Sajili Mittal

An extremely ethical and qualified doctor.

Pallavi Sadh
New Delhi

Good Dentist

Dr Mittal is very good in her dental professionally & personally she is good human being & good doctor

Seema Sadh
New Delhi, India

Excellent Dental Treatment

Very happy with the quality of treatment I received.

Ms. Sandhya Madduri
Dilshad Garden, New Delhi

Best Dentist for NRI’s in New Delhi


Well to start with I met Dr.Sajili and her team 10 years ago when i was planning to move abroad. It started with basic gum issues and root canal.

Now i am an NRI but whenever i visit India make sure my dental issues are handled properly. Thanks goes to Dr. Sajili for her warm, affectionate, caring and patient nature. A professional touch on the top is what everyone gets for sure. She is intelligent, confident, has a sound experience in her specialisation and makes sure the patient in contented at the end of the treatment. Well as far as her clinic is concerned she does not compromise on quality and hygiene.AT work front she even follows her patients after the treatment is complete for their concern if any. I was also given 2 implants by Dr. Sajili which are very much intact as i follow her advice regularly. Will recommend Citylife Dental, Yojana Vihar for overall satisfaction under the leadership of Dr. Sajili.

Good luck and Best wishes always

Harit Dutt
Florence, italy

Very satisfied with Dental treatment

My wife Dr Roma Raj and I just walked into Citylife Dental for a complete dental check-up, soon after from the US. We found the clinic’s hygiene and comfort levels at par with any good clinic in the US. The doctor’s mannerisms were so good that we signed up with Citylife for our complete dental treatment plans and since then we have felt very satisfied with the treatment, rates, punctuality and professional approach of their team to our dental problems.
There are no short cuts in this clinic.
May God keep the healing touch of this centre alive for years to come.

Brigadier Dr. Mulk Raj
Chicago, USA

One Stop Dental treatment for whole family

I didn’t take any treatment, but accompanied my niece and my father-in-law to Citylife Dental, and I believe that they really liked the treatment and benefited out of it. I would really like to comment about the quality of their resident specialist dentists, I feel that they are empathetic & ethical dentists, which I feel every doctor should be. They give sincere advice on ideal treatment options regardless of commercial considerations.

Mrs. Shilpy Kurpad
New Delhi, India

Best Dentist

The best dentist near Anand Vihar, New Delhi. Thanks

Tripurari Nath Tewari
Anand Vihar, New Delhi

Special Centre for Tooth Implants

Ved parkash bansal

City Life Dental as the name indicates the dental care has direct or indirect relationship to city life. City Life Dental is one of the top clinics in East Delhi with state of the art equipment. The doctor in charge of the clinic is a specialist in periodontics where all type of diseases around the teeth and gums are taken care of. This is a special centre for tooth implants. At this centre the sterilisation of instruments is routine and even all the ethics in dental care and treatment are followed.

Dr. Ved Parkash Bansal
New Delhi, India

Very Caring Dentist


I came across city life dental for dental problems off and on for last 6 years. Though i live in west Delhi and clinic is located in east Delhi via Karkardooma metro station on blue line. From there taking shared e rickshaw up to red light crossing of Ashoka Niketan to reach A 85 Yojana Vihar made my life easy from transportation point of view. I visited this clinic first time in 2013 but the atmosphere, behavior, care, personal and detailed attention looking into minute details of health and history of patient is routine in this clinic. They treated me as if they are treating themselves. Such personal touch care quality sincerity, responsibility with lower cost as well made me my permanent destination to visit city life dental until now in 2019. Dr Sajili Mittal MDS renders multi-focal care with personal touch. She takes total responsibility of dental care if proper timely visits are made. I wish the clinic all the best.

Dr Kajla Bansal
New Delhi

Very pleased with my dental treatment


Ms Ritu Aggarwal

Very professional treatment

The team here is both extremely professional and extremely kind and generous. Ashok and Sajili took wonderful care of me both with my gum surgery and my short stay in Delhi. They have gentle warm spirits. Thanks for everything from breakfast with chai to the gum graft itself!

Amy Christeson
Portland, Oregon USA

Knowledgeable Dentist and Staff

My family and I have been coming to the clinic for the last one year.  What makes me come here is the cleanliness of the clinic, staff’s behavior, operational knowledge and the hygiene level of the staff.  My whole family is very satisfied here. The most important is the amount of time the doctors spend with the patient listening & explaining the treatment. Their patience level is fantastic.  Keep up the good work!

Sandeep Singh
Ram Enclave, Ghaziabad