(Dental Consultation)

It will take only few seconds to Book Your Dental Consultation ONLINE. Do it from the comfort of your home or even while you are on the go. Booking is open 24/7.

  • Please note after doing your booking, check the SPAM folder also if you have not received the Booking details email.
  • Your booking is provisional and will be confirmed soon (normally in 1-2 hours) by the dentist, so please check your emails.
  • Covid – 19 protocol: Please take time to read and understand the Clinic Protocol below, which is made in view of Covid-19 pandemic. It is for the safety of yourself and for the safety of staff.

As a clinic protocol, you are required to consult the doctor over a video call prior to your visit so that your dental history can be noted, your medical health evaluated and medication advised .You will also be advised as to which procedures can be done and which cannot at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic. An estimate of the treatment charges can be taken during the consultation. You will be required to sign a consent form before booking an appointment. The charges for the consultation will be Rs 500.

We recommend the following precautions while visiting the clinic:

  1. Please buy a bottle of Betadine mouthwash from the chemist and rinse for 30 seconds taking the mouthwash to the back of your throat and all around your mouth before you come to the clinic for your appointment. It is also recommended that you repeat the procedure after the dental treatment has been done and you have been discharged from the clinic.
  2. Please travel without an attended. If at all you need to come with an attendant, a maximum of one person will be allowed and will not be allowed inside the treating chamber.
  3. You are encouraged to go to the washroom before visiting the dentist so that you can avoid using the washroom in the clinic.
  4. We will try and complete the entire treatment in a single sitting hence be prepared for a long sitting.
  5. Cashless payment through Paytm on Number 9871958480 is highly encouraged. However, we do provide the option of card payment or cash.
  6. Please avoid carrying bags and wearing watches. In case you carry a bag you may be asked to keep it in a separate room.
  7. We sanitize the clinic after each patient, hence we keep one hour gap between the patients.
  8. Please wear a mask while coming to the clinic.

We are not entertaining patients without appointments and hence the clinic will not be open to walk in patients.

Kindly record your temperature on the day of the appointment and please let us know if it is above 98.4 degree Fahrenheit.


Start by selecting the treatment if it is New Consultation or a Follow-up