Inculcating the correct habit of brushing

Tooth brushing is one of the basic aids to maintain a good oral hygiene and prevent your teeth from tooth decay. The correct technique of tooth brushing is to hold your brush at 45 degrees to the long axis of your teeth and move it to and fro gently. This should be done on the inside and the outside surfaces of the teeth gently, making sure that all the surfaces of the teeth are cleaned well. Please brush twice a day after meals and make sure to clean the biting surfaces of your teeth. Do remember to reach all the surfaces of the last tooth as well. Use a soft toothbrush and spend about 2 mins brushing your teeth each time. It is essential to clean the surfaces between the two teeth from where the gum disease starts most often. You can speak your dentist to guide you for additional dental aids that best suit your oral health. 

Tooth brushing should be well supervised in children and childhood it the best stage to inculcate the habit of brushing well.

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