Smile Designing


Before we proceed with the Smile Designing, an assessment of existing smile and facial esthetics is carried out and the patient’s expectations are discussed. If the desired results can be achieved with just the adjustment of the teeth, this is communicated to the patient and an option of Smile Designing is given.

Smile Designing is a smile that is designed before you actually go ahead with the cutting and shaping of your teeth. An impression of the teeth is made to check your bite and a picture of your teeth and face is taken. This is then loaded onto the software which can give you pictures of your smile with various options.

You will now able to view your virtual smile which you can have modified by having rounded margins, spaces/no spaces between teeth or by modifying the shape of your teeth. The final picture is then shared with our lab partners.

After the final plan has been made, the actual cutting of the teeth is done, an impression is made and sent to the lab. The lab then fabricates the final crowns which are cemented onto your teeth.

However, it is of utmost importance that we maintain the health and harmony while doing the smile design which we, at Citylife Dental focuses take care of very well!

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Smile Designing


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